2017 Holiday Shopping with the Toys R Us Catalog

A few weeks ago, I went into Toys R Us like all mature adults do, to buy myself some toys. I walked out with some super cool Nick Toons toys and I grabbed a catalog on my way out the door.

When I was a kid, my grandma did all of her Christmas shopping for us via the Sears Wishbook. She’d hand us the latest copy sometime early Fall and me and my brother would take a Marks-A-Lot marker and circle up anything and everything that looked interesting to us. To be honest, the Wishbook circling was arguably as fun as Christmas morning. Of course, we didn’t get everything that we circled, but it was just a fun experience and a good memory from my youth.

I decided to recreate those memories this year thanks to the handy Toys R Us catalog that I came across. I tried to circle things that a ten year old version of me would most likely circle and justify my desire.

Playmobil’s Ghostbusters Firehouse – $70

On my fifth birthday, I got the Kenner Ghostbusters firehouse toy. It was amazing and I played with it all the time. Sadly, that Firehouse isn’t made anymore, but kids today do have an option with Playmobil’s Firehouse. I’ve never been a fan of the Playmobil design, but this firehouse looks great! It even has Louis Tulley rocking the upside down colander on his head. I’m not quite sure who that is up on the top floor with Jeanine but overall the firehouse is pretty cool. Being a huge Ghostbusters fan I would not be able to pass this up and it definitely would have been circled with a big red Marksalot marker.

Teddy Ruxpin – $80

On my fourth birthday, I received a Teddy Ruxpin from my grandfather. It was a beloved present of mine and something that reminds me of my youth. I actually browsed right over Teddy when flipping through this wishbook, because let’s face it, Teddy looks nothing like what he used to. I guess he’s a little more hip and well, I hope for the children’s sake he’s lighter and much softer than the original. If Amazon’s stats are right, he’s a pound lighter and quite a bit smaller than the original. The new Teddy takes four AA batteries, while the original took four C batteries.

Teddy has creepy LED eyes that perform forty expressions and comes pre-programmed with three complete stories. Additional stories can be bought through a mobile app for five dollars.

The new Teddy Ruxpin, like the old, is the toy that I never knew that I wanted. It just looks and seems very cool. I mean, what kid doesn’t want his own robot bear that reads to him?

Don’t Wake Daddy – $15

Marketing is the only reason I want this game. I remember the catchy commercial from the early 90’s, and it made the game seem like way more fun than it actually was. I actually went looking for a vintage copy a few years back, but after reading what a boring game this is, I decided against it. Still, it was always on my childhood wishlist, and since Toys R Us brought it back, my 2017 wishlist is not complete without it.

Crossfire – $20

Now here is a board game that I actually owned. Crossfire had arguably the coolest board game commercial of all time:

How can you not want Crossfire after watching that?

I received Crossfire for my birthday, and well… it didn’t live up to the commercial. Basically you just shoot BBs across a piece of cardboard at someone else. It was a letdown, but I was so proud of having such an awesome game at the time. I’m happy that Toys R Us has also brought Crossfire back and I felt the need to add it to my list.

Sphero R2-D2 Robot – $180

A couple of years ago, Sphero, the robot company, came out with this super neat BB-8 robot. It was a modified version of their Sphero ball that you could control with your smartphone. It made noises, played app games, and was even updated to watch Star Wars movies with you and react to certain scenes.

Well, Sphero is back at it this year, this time with an R2-D2. Obviously, R2 is not a ball, but he’s a robot that acts similar to BB-8. He can play games, make noises, move around your house, and even watch Star Wars with you.

I’ve purchased one of the cheaper R2-D2 robots in the past, and after about ten minutes it got boring. I doubt I’d play with the Sphero one much more, but I’d absolutely love to sit down and watch Star Wars with it.

Batmobile Bed – $200

Every kid wants a racecar bed and the only thing better than a racecar bed is a Batmobile bed. This bed is super friggin cool. I mean look at it! It’s the Batmobile!

Shinsuke Nakamura Funko Pop – $10

My wife and I have decided to stop buying Pop figures because they collect a ton of a dust, and honestly were running out of space. But in my hypothetical wishlist world, I’d definitely circle this Funko Pop. It’s well sculpted and it’s Shinsuke Nakamura for God’s sakes! Sure, the WWE has neutred his move set and put him through their cookie cutter mold of wrestling now, but he’s still a force to be reckoned with and one of the coolest guys on the roster.

Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Playset – $180

I loved my Hot Wheels cars, but I was miserable with making tracks. I just didn’t have the patience for all that setting up jumps and connecting tracks. Lucky for me, my brother loved that stuff, so I’d just wait for him to spend four hours running tracks throughout the house and then I’d play with it.

This particular Hot Wheels set caught my eye because of its size and that it comes with four cars and a jet! Plus a King Kong knock-off hangs from the side of it!

To be honest, the garage itself doesn’t seem like it’d be all that fun. But it would be a fantastic way to showcase and store you cars, plus it would make a great hub to run track off of.

Mario Kart AI Starter Set Hot Wheels – $140

I think this is one of those new Hot Wheels tracks where the track is completely flat but the cars won’t run off the sides, thus the whole artificial intelligence. Obviously, the Mario branding is the only reason I’d want this, and being able to enjoy the sounds of Mario Kart while racing offline would be pretty awesome.

I also like that the track is made up of small pieces. I would assume that you could redesign the track several times over, thus preventing that whole “I’m bored because I know all the turns” syndrome.

Nintendo Switch w/Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2 and Mario Wedding Amiibos – $650

Ah-ha! Finally something on the list that I actually own! I own everything picture on this two page spread including all three games and the Amiibos. The Switch has been one of my best purchases in the past several years and it has quickly become the console of choice in our household.

Battlefront II and Wolfenstein II – $120

I really enjoyed the first Wolfenstein game, and am anxiously awaiting the days I get my hands on the sequel. The first Battlefront has been one of my favorite games the past couple of years, but after playing the demo, I wasn’t impressed with Battlefront II. EA decided to shun the casual shooting mechanics for something more complex and difficult to appease the shooting fanboys, which really disappoints me. I have Battlefield 1 and Overwatch for competitive gaming, I don’t need Star Wars mixing in with that. Still, this is a wishlist and if someone else is paying, I’d love to have Battlefront II. (NOTE: I wrote this before the whole loot box controversy. I honestly have no interest in Battlefront until they announce the permanent removal of loot box progression.)

Unicorn Surprise – $20

Yep, my one girl toy on this list. I always loved looking through the girl toys as a kid, because it was taboo. It felt so weird to see something cool that I wanted like an Easy Bake Oven. Anyway, as I browsed through the girls section in the Toys R Us wishbook I saw Unicorn Surprise and was instantly transported back to the 90’s with Puppy Surprise:

I forgot that they brought this toy line back and well, I always loved the concept of getting a toy with a surprised packed inside of it! Don’t judge me.

Powerwheels Boomerang – $400

I had a Powerwheels back in the day:

It was fantastic to have my own “car” at such an early age. However, my Powerwheels could not enter a controlled drift like this one can, so I want this one.

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