Reptar Bars and Nickelodeon Toys

Nickelodeon was so great in the 80’s and 90’s. Shows like You Can’t Say That On Television, Doug, Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats, Eurkea’s Castle, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Double Dare, Roundhouse, Are You Afraid of the Dark, What Would You Do, Salute Your Shorts, Nick Arcade and the list goes on and on were broadcast on the first network for kids. It truly was the golden age of children’s programing, back when Nickelodeon wasn’t so corporate and they encouraged creative people with different ideas to pitch them to kids. Nickelodeon’s success allowed for the network to expand into magazines and motion pictures, and it seemed like nothing would stop this upward trend of amazing productivity.

But all great things must come to an end and Nickelodeon’s failure to adapt to competitive market and refusal to take chances on new properties caused a massive downfall that resulted in the closure of Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida. Nickelodeon is a shell of what it used to be, and I think they are starting to realize that. They have begun embracing the nostalgia around their old properties and are even reviving them in some cases like The Legends of the Hidden Temple TV movie and the new Rocko’s Modern Life TV special coming in 2018. Even more recently, Nick has begun producing merchandise for some of their Nick Toons and I must say, they are off to a great start.

Last week, I saw someone on Instagram discussing Reptar Bars and how FYE had produced a real life version of it. I did some quick Google-Fu and discovered that this random internet person was actually telling the truth! FYE had exclusive Reptar Bars that even turned your tongue green! I had to have one!

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t thought of Reptar Bars in twenty years. It was one of those iconic Rugrats episodes that I had forgotten all about. That’s what sucks about getting old, those retro TV plots get quickly replaced by whatever it is new that you’ve watched. But as soon as I read Reptar Bars, I instantly remember the episode, Angelica’s bragging, and the green tongues.

I decided to plan a road trip to FYE that actually began on the way to one of our favorite restaraunts. Unfortunately, it didn’t open until 11 AM, so we had forty-five minutes to kill. Toys R Us was open and is located right across the street, so we decided to waste our time browsing toys like the mature adults that we are.

I made my usual passes through the action figures, cars, and video games, but nothing really jumped out me. That was until I ran across a free-standing display featuring a ton of nicely designed Nick Toons figures. These figures are top notch. The painting and sculpting is fantastic, and they even come with some cool quirks as well (we’ll get into that below.) The best way to describe these are much nicer version of Funko Pops that are realistically designed. They stand six inches and are priced a very reasonable ten dollars apiece. The amount of detail and expert craftsmanship that went into making these figures I could easily see them being sold for $15 or even $20.

I had no intention on walking out with anything at Toys R Us, but the wife and I couldn’t in good conscience leave such amazing toys on the shelf. She picked out the two Rugrats (Tommy and Chucky) and I snagged Ren and Stimpy.

Tommy came with his bottle and Chucky came with his teddy bear.

Ren has the ability to pop his eyes out of his head and also includes Muddy Mudskipper, while Stimpy has the super cool bobble booty and two nose goblin friends.

Toys R Us also sells a Hey Arnold and Angelica from Rugrats, but I didn’t feel the need to pick either one of the up. Angelica was a total bitch and I was a little old once Hey Arnold began.

We bought the Mario Wedding Amiibos while at Toys R Us, even though I had already ordered them on Amazon. Mario Odyssey is so great; my wife couldn’t wait the extra days to have them. Luckily, Amazon makes returning items pretty easy.

We made it out of Toys R Us without picking anything else up and finally got our lunch. After that it was onto the mall to FYE to find Reptar Bars. But… we got sidetracked at GameStop where the other two Mario Amiibos were waiting.

(I’m so glad we got some money for our wedding, because this trip was out of control.)

After we made our quick stops in Hot Topic and Spencer’s, we finally made it over to FYE. I was so afraid they’d be sold out of Reptar Bars, but they had two large containers of them on the shelf. I grabbed two bars and after a quick browse we made for the checkout line.

The clerk told me that people actually pre-ordered a ton of the Reptar Bars and she didn’t think they’d have any on the shelf. But luckily, they got a ton shipped from corporate and they’ve been selling well. She also gave me a heads up that they tasted surprisingly good too.

It took me a few days to find the right time to eat my Reptar Bar, but when that time came I was a ready. I was shocked at the quality of the chocolate. I was expecting something along the lines of cheap hollow bunny chocolate, and instead got a creamy Hershey’s knock off. The filling tasted like green cake frosting and turned your tongue green about as good as icing does. I took a picture of my tongue, but then realized that nobody wanted to see inside my mouth, so I cropped the photo down to just a small segment of my tongue to show you the level of green to expect.

Of course, it took just a couple swallows of a tasty Diet Caffeine Free Mountain Dew to turn my mouth back to that disturbing fleshy color and I went on with my day.

It was a good day on Saturday, even if it was a little expensive. We got a lot of cool stuff and had a lot of fun shopping.

My Thoughts:

Nickelodeon Figures: I can’t recommend these enough. They are arguably my favorite toys that I own. They look great, are reasonably priced, and Stimpy has a bobble booty. I really hope Nick and Just Play toys team up for some more figures in this style and at this price point. I’d love to add some Doug and Rocko’s Modern Life characters to my collection.

Nintendo Amiibos: I have a huge Amiibo collection and I love all things Nintendo. Of course, these are great if you are into Amiibos or Nintendo.

Reptar Bars: It’s not a Hershey’s bar nor is it anything you’ll super crave after eating, but it was tasty and fun to live out a moment in cartoon history. It was totally worth the forty minute drive for me.

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