Super Mario Odyssey – A Quick Review

Back on October 27th, Amazon delivered my copy of Super Mario Odyssey, the latest in the long running Nintendo franchise. Nintendo has been on fire in 2017, with the Switch flying off the shelves, the SNES Classic being impossible to find, and games like Zelda, Splatoon 2, and Arms winning over fans across the globe. It’s good to be Nintendo right now, and even better to be a Nintendo fan. I always love it when Nintendo brings it’s A game and that is exactly what is happening right now.

There have been thousands of reviews, analysis, play-through videos, Tweets, and assessments on Mario Odyssey. There is no sense in me adding to that. Instead, I want to tell you what I like and don’t like about the game quickly and as spoiler-free as possible.

What I Like:

-I love the various throwbacks to the older Mario games. Sometimes it’s just a costume or music, but you can tell a lot of love and appreciation of the series went into the creation of this game.

-Dressing up Mario in different costumes is way more fun that I thought it would be. I find myself looking forward to the new costumes found in each level.

-The New Donk City level is a blast and I feel like with the way that it ends, it should have been the final level. I didn’t care as much for the first part of the level, but once you unlock things it’s a very interesting take on a Mario level that works better than expected.

-Odyssey follows Nintendo’s typical gameplay, which is easy to pick up and play, hard to complete and master.

-The levels are varied and that keeps things extremely interesting. No two levels are even remotely alike, so that means if you don’t like a certain level, you won’t have to deal with too long, but if you love a level, you also won’t get too much time with it either.

-Mario Odyssey found a way to make water levels that don’t suck. Mario’s wonderful controls and ability to possess various underwater objects turn water levels from a chore to just another adventure with a twist.

-The ability to possess so many different objects is incredible. It took a lot of design and programming to make everything work so well as it does.

-The 2D segments are great. My only complaint is I wish they were longer.

What I Don’t Like:

-Contrary to what you will probably see elsewhere, I found the game difficult in spots. It’s not impossible, but if you want to collect all the moons and complete the game 100% you are going to have to work your butt off for well over a hundred hours.

-The game can be beat without motion controls… for the most part. There is one particular moon that you have to use motion controls for and motion controls do make some parts of the game significantly easier. I would have liked to have had the options to turn motion control completely off and for the game to be playable in either extreme, not this “Well, your pro control can also work with motion controls.”

-Maybe I’m just getting old, but in one of the levels your buddy Cappy gets captured for a few minutes. The music/sound design on this level bothered the hell out of me. It was the most annoying sound I’ve ever dealt with. I finally turned the volume almost completely off and I was fine. It might have something to do with Cappy yelling out for help every five seconds.

-Like all 3D platformers, occasionally the camera can become a hindrance. It’s pretty rare, and Mario Odyssey by far has the best camera I’ve ever used in a 3D platformer, but it has gotten stuck in a wall or zoomed a little close and caused a death on occasion.

Final Thoughts:

Super Mario Odyssey is a must buy on the Switch. It’s a Mario game at heart that is new and exciting. It’s not exactly logical, nor does it contain a captivating storyline, but that’s not why you play Mario games. You play Mario games to have fun and I promise you’ll get way more than $60 worth of fun out of Mario Odyssey.

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