My Childhood Sega Genesis Collection

I didn’t have many video games growing up. It’s probably why I have so many now. It’s not that I didn’t want video games, they just weren’t in the budget. Lucky for me, my dad had a great relationship with a guy working at the local Videorama and my cousins/neighbors had impressive collections that I got to play with. So, maybe I didn’t own a lot of games, but I did get to spend my fair share of time playing most of the big titles, along with some of the stinkers.

I didn’t have a lot of games, but the ones that I did have I enjoyed. I guess, when you aren’t given any other option, you learn to make the best with what you have. I thought it would be fun to list the games that I owned for my Sega Genesis and some of my memories about each game.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
I loved Mario, but Sonic had amazed me when I saw him zipping across the screen during commercials. I was so thrilled to get a chance to play this funny blue hedgehog with an attitude. The game was the perfect blend of difficult and amazing, which meant I didn’t actually beat the game until I was well into my twenties while utilizing save points on my Xbox.

I skipped right over Sonic the Hedgehog and went straight to the sequel. It was packaged with my Sega Genesis and had a quasi-two player mode, which made the game perfect for me and my brother to play. Of course, he was always Tails, that’s just what happens when you are the younger brother.

USA Basketball
The 1992 Dream Team was my world. I collected the McDonald’s cups, basketball cards, had the VHS highlight tape of the Olympics that I wore out, and even a Michael Jordan jersey. When I found out that a video game was being made featuring the Dream Team, I just about lost my mind. I wanted Sonic badly, but USA Basketball is really what sent me over the edge wanting a Sega Genesis.

Looking back, it wasn’t the greatest game. It wasn’t all that different than the other EA NBA titles, it just featured less teams. Still, I played the crap out of that game and can remember my uncle going nuts when I took it to my grandma’s house. He actually called his friend and put the phone up to the TV so his friend could hear the shoes squeaking across the court. It was just so realistic at the time, that something that simple was my mind blowing.

This was a game I wanted just because of the cover art. It looked brutal, and I was a growing boy who needed violence in my life. The game was fun, I remember it had barrels you could throw at people, which was the highlight for me. I haven’t played the game since I was a kid, but it’s widely considered to be one of the worst games on the system. I remember it being hard and I never beat it, but I didn’t think it was all that bad.

Mario Lemieux Hockey
I didn’t know dick about hockey when I got this game. The only reason I wanted it was for the hockey puck that came with the game. Once I got the game though, I fell in love with the sport and loved the video game. It had great music, cool fighting, and the gameplay was a lot of fun. For some reason, people hate this game. I guess they compare it to NHL 94, and feel like it doesn’t offer the same depth. They are probably right, but that didn’t change the fact that the gameplay was a lot of fun and the graphics were top notch. The sound design was also wonderful, I fondly remember hearing the organ playing throughout the game.

Joe Montana Sports Talk Football 93
This game talked. Well, parts of it talked. It had this awesome robotic voice, which was part creepy/part amazing. There is a great history about the Joe Montana series; it was developed super quickly by the team that made Madden for Sega. I enjoyed both Madden and Joe Montana, but when I had a choice of what to play, I usually went with Joe Montana.

Mortal Kombat
I spent enough in quarters to buy this game several times over. When Mortal Kombat was finally announced to be coming to home consoles, people flipped out. It was deemed too violent, so much so the Super Nintendo didn’t have blood and you had to use a cheat code to unlock the blood in the Genesis version. This game also played a big part in the creation of the rating system stilled used today. I got Mortal Kombat for my tenth birthday, and it was a glorious birthday. I don’t think I ever beat the game, but man did I play it a lot.

John Madden Football
My dad took me to a FuncoLand one evening after school and John Madden Football on PC caught his eye. We didn’t have a PC at the time, but the clerk let him know it was available on the Genesis. The game was older and was rather cheap, so my dad bought it and we went home to play some Madden. I remember thinking it was a poor man’s version of Joe Montana, but years later I would come to appreciate the gameplay. I think it was one of those situations where the flashy graphics and cover art of Joe Montana overwhelmed the simple and boring looking cartridge of Madden. I had to grow up a bit to realize that what was inside the cart is what really mattered.

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  1. Sexy Jim Pharoah Wizard says:

    Loved the Dream Team as well. Collected all I could. Man I wish I still had it now.

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