Welcome Michael Labbe!

When I launched Video Store Counter back in October, I had this vision of an all-encompassing blog that was retro at it’s core, but dabbled in all things pop culture. I wanted to share old memories and talk about all the nerdy stuff that I love in a positive environment. I think so far this blog has lived up to those goals as set forth in my Welcome post. What I didn’t mention in that post was that I had another idea lurking to improve the quality of content here at the Video Store Counter.

I’ve been lucky over the past few years to befriend some amazing writers. These are people who I’ve come to admire and respect, and that have similar interests and goals in their writing as I do. This got me thinking… why don’t I make Video Store Counter the best that it can be by soliciting these skilled individuals to contribute their own memories, thoughts, and opinions on all things retro and pop culture?

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you all to the newest staff member here at Video Store Counter, Michael Labbe.

Michael is the founder of The Wrestling Insomniac, truly one of the greatest wrestling blogs I’ve ever read. Like me, Michael spent some time behind a real video store counter and understands what this site is all about. I look forward to working with Michael and I believe you guys will love the content Michael contributes to the site.

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