Cheerwine Holiday Punch Review

If you’ve ever been to North Carolina or Virginia you may have noticed a cherry soft drink called Cheerwine. Cheerwine has been around since 1917 and along with Pepsi is one of the two major soft drinks to be founded in the state. Unlike Pepsi though, Cheerwine has continued to be owned by the same family for the past 100 years and is finally starting to grow outside of the Carolinas and Virginia. The drink can be found from West Virginia to Florida, and within Sheetz, Cracker Barrels, and other stores that sell specialty sodas. It’s also sold online.

Cheerwine has a line of flavored products such as Cheerwine sherbet, Cheerwine cake, Cheerwine BBQ sauce, and even Krispy Kreme Cheerwine doughnuts. Cheerwine is one of those tastes that is truly tied to North Carolina and I’m happy that it continues to prosper in a world where soda sells are on the decline and huge corporations dominate the game.

But I’m not here to discuss the greatness that is Cheerwine (although in all seriousness, if you like soft drinks, you need to try Cheerwine), but I wanted to do a mini review of the one specialty Cheerwine drink that comes along each year, the Cheerwine Holiday Punch.

Turning Cheerwine into a holiday punch is something that Southern families have done for years. Cheerwine does not contain wine, despite the name, but makes for a flavorful base for a punch. The Holiday Punch is an old family recipe (pineapple juice, ginger ale, and Cheerwine) handed down for generations that the company decided to bottle up.

Cheerwine Holiday Punch has been on shelves for the past four years or so, but this is the first time I’ve tried it. I drink diet drinks, so it’s rare for me to branch out into something that isn’t diet since it usually tends to be too sweet for me.

I found the Cheerwine Holiday Punch to be surprisingly well balanced. It actually tastes like punch, which I was not expecting. The use of ginger ale and pineapple juice gives it that punch bowl flavor and bottling it didn’t seem to harm the sweetness at all.

With that being said, I’m not a huge punch fan, and I’m good after one cup. There is no way I could drink this whole bottle by myself, but I think it would make an excellent addition to a holiday dinner. It would add something special and different to the table and I can see why some families may have used Cheerwine in their holiday punches.

Cheerwine Holiday Punch is a little darker than regular Cheerwine, but retains the normal consistency of fizziness. Its definitely a Cheerwine drink and it doesn’t taste like some crazy concoction someone threw together in a factory.

I like the Cheerwine Holiday Punch and have been slowly drinking on this bottle for the past week. It’s not something I can chug or drink a lot of at one time, but I think it makes for an excellent holiday treat. Some people like sparkling cider, others egg nog, but me, I think Cheerwine Holiday Punch will be my Christmas drink for years to come.


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