A Cardcaptors Christmas

The show Cardcaptors was the Nelvana English language dub of the Clamp anime Cardcaptor Sakura. Which is hated by most fans of the original series and referred to as “cardcraptors”. Here are 14 commercials shown during this Monday afternoon broadcast on KTLA. What is so special about it? It aired on Christmas Day 2000. So I picked 14 of the most interesting commercials. I realized this was a Christmas episode when I first watched it. According to the Wikipedia it aired on Oct 14th, 2000. The Japanese title is “Sakura’s Magical Christmas”. They tried to make it not look like a Christmas episode, but it just does. I wanted to name the 7 best ones, but I felt there was more than 7 good ones. So I went with 14 instead. There were about 21 commercials aired. I decided to include ones that really captured the feel of the early 2000s and of the local flavor of KTLA.

Burger King Big Kids Meal with Pokemon Silver and Gold Gameboy toys. I have a couple of these. I remember because I lost the dugtrio figure on the couch because it was brown, but I eventually found it. The scyther figure was very similar to the one they gave away in the Pokemon 2000 movie set. Just in a smaller scale and in a tiny Gameboy.


AOL 6.0, I don’t remember them buying much ad time during Kids’ WB. Maybe it was cheaper during Christmas day?

Lego Star Wars the 2nd year this series was out.

A Happy Holidays message from Kids’ WB with the various characters singing “Jingle Bells”.

Andy Griffith marathon on KTLA.

A promo for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode “Will’s Christmas Show”.

A promo for Cardcaptors on at 4:30 PM all week.

Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood.

Knott’s Merry Farm commercial these ones ran for years. Look at those prices!


KTLA equal opportunity employer.

A promo for the 2001 Rose Parade with Bob and Stephanie.

A generic Fresh Prince of Bel Air promo.

A promo for the 7th Heaven episode “Here Comes Santa Claus”.

A promo for the Sabrina the Teenage Witch episode “Christmas Amnesia”.

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