Jerry Lawler’s Signature BBQ Sauce – A Review

Good friends are hard to come by in this life. People like to talk a big game about being friends, but once people move away they usually start to lose touch. Being that I spent pretty much my entire life on the move, I can vouch for that.

One exception is my friend Alex. I met Alex back in 2005 and we’ve been good friends ever since. Alex is the type of guy who will pick up Memphis barbecue sauce and mail it all the way from Memphis to North Carolina, just so his friend can enjoy the sweet taste of home fourteen hours away several times a year. If that isn’t the definition of a good man, I don’t know what is.

A month ago, I decided to make a purchase on Jerry Lawler’s Memphis BBQ Company website.  I have been anxiously waiting for them to start selling their sauces online and they finally did sometime around Black Friday. With a little extra cash in the bank account, I put a bottle of their signature sauce and a very cool looking Jerry Lawler pint glass in my cart and went to check out. Everything was going well until they decided that shipping and handling should be more than the cost of the glass and sauce combined. I decided to remove the glass from my cart and just order a bottle of sauce, but the shipping was still over ten dollars for a single bottle of barbecue sauce.

I did what every other red blooded American would do and went on Twitter to complain to a faceless entity that could honestly care less about my problem. I never heard back from Jerry Lawler’s Memphis BBQ Company, but within minutes my buddy Alex sent me a message and told me he’d swing by and snag me a bottle and glass. Ten short days later, I found a box on my porch containing exactly that.

Thanks to Alex’s incredibly generosity, I’m able to provide you all with a review of The King’s Signature Sauce. I’m a bit of a BBQ connoisseur, but this will be my first attempt at tackling some sort of a food review.

I don’t have access to any “real” Memphis barbeque here in Raleigh, but there is a great little place called The Redneck BBQ Lab that smokes an incredible pig. I swung by there and picked up a half pound of pulled pork to bring home for this review.

I’m not a fan of hot sauces, and I prefer my pork covered in a sweet sauce. Lucky for me, The King’s Signature Sauce is a sweet sauce that is not too thick and not too thin either. It’s just about the perfect consistency for a Memphis style BBQ sauce and I can’t help but feel somewhat reminded of one of Memphis’ most famous BBQ joints, Corky’s. I’d say that Jerry’s Signature Sauce is sweeter with a smokier taste that leaves enough room for the brown sugar and molasses to make themselves known.

I really enjoyed The King’s Signature Sauce. This wasn’t some generic sauce that got a picture of Jerry Lawler thrown on it. This is a very good sauce that I would happily purchase without The King on the label and enjoy on all my grilled meat.

As for the pint glass… well it’s perfect. I don’t own many pint glasses and honestly, I’m not a fan, but this glass is just perfect in every way. It’s the perfect shape, perfect weight, and just feels good drinking out of. The picture of The King is tastefully done (no doubt hand drawn by The King himself) and really pops out once the glass is full of a light colored beverage. The most nitpicky complaint I can find is that the glass collects fingerprints like no other glass that I’ve ever drunk from. Obviously, this is a very small complaint.

My taste of Jerry Lawler’s Memphis BBQ Company all the way here in North Carolina was a success. I can’t wait to make it back to Memphis and eat at the actual restaurant. Until then, hopefully Alex will throw a bottle or two in my Memphis BBQ gift boxes, at least until Jerry get his shipping and handling under control on his website or starts providing bottles to Amazon.

Here’s a pic of myself and the wife meeting The King back in November at Wrestlecade!

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