Review of the “Carmen Sandiego: Out of this World” CD

To distinguish this is not the soundtrack to the game show that was given away as a consolation prize. It has eleven tracks although one is a spoken word disclaimer. All the live action cast members have at least one song on the CD. Greg Lee has the most. At 5 songs. The Chief Lynne Thigpenn has a song on the album I like that she acknowledges her Broadway background. Which was mentioned on the episode “Bad Day on Broadway”. The Rockapella song “Big Wet Rag” is a humorous song about somebody who is just a downer. These are the 5 songs with Greg Lee singing lead on. “Half a World Away”, “Cake for Breakfast”, “My Parent’s Son”, “Bugs”, and “Carmen’s Song”.

Written by former Rockapella member Sean Altman he said he wrote the song “My Parent’s Son” for Greg. It’s a country song.

“Bugs” a bluesy song sung by Greg. “My Parent’s Son” and “Bugs” are not my favorite. I don’t listen to them much.

Before the song “Cake for Breakfast” Greg gives a disclaimer about eating properly. “Cake for Breakfast” is a polka song about celebrating your birthday. It is my personal favorite off the album.

“Cherry in Your Tree” by XTC; I don’t really know much about that band. All I could remember that they had that song called “Dear God” which they used to play a lot on the alternative stations. I like the song it’s cute and catchy. “Why does the Sun Shine?” It’s a pretty informative song about the sun. I really like They Might be giants, but I don’t listen to this song much either.

I would recommend the Out of this World album for Greg fans. If he was your favorite cast member on the show buy this CD.

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